This week is all about friends. I visit Universal CityWalk with out-of-towners, squeeze in a workout, support a friend’s project, boogie at the park and much more.

Watch as I attempt to discover, “Is It Just Me?”

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Short Film Release- ‘See Me’

Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 11.37.09 PM.png

Have you ever looked in the mirror, not liking the reflection staring back at you? Have you ever compared yourself to others? Keep it real, we have all had these experiences. This short film confronts those insecurities head on and encourages viewers to choose to embrace inner beauty and develop confidence from the inside out.

Don’t just see the facade that I’ve created, see me.

Watch the intro and short film “See Me” below!

New Vlog- Let the Sunshine In


This week I let you in on my drive to work as I talk about my frustration with Sprint and L.A. pedestrians. And, my little big brother makes a cameo.

P.S., I’ve since gotten that annoying clicking noise fixed in my car. It was being a hater on my vocals.