Mixing Christianity with Secular


This week Charles Devon and Renée Nicole discuss their opinion on Christians mingling with the secular world. The church often crucifies Christian [leaders specifically] for mingling with those who are not “of the cloth.” What’s the line between ministry and losing our spirituality? Can we have friends who are not Christian? Can we step into territory that the church typically shys away from?

Listen for our take on the matter!

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Kneel or Naw?


We’re backkkkkkkk!!!! Charles Devon and I return to discuss the brewing #takeaknee topic. After President Trump called NFL players protesting against the National Anthem by taking a knee, “sons of b#%c*3@,” many people across the nation kneeled in solidarity symbolizing resistance against injustice and divisive attacks.

Tune in for our take on the issue. Also, Charles introduces us to a new artist in his Music Note and I offer enlightenment with help from DeVon Franklin’s latest book, The Hollywood Commandments in my Inspirational Segment. With the return of This Ain’t a Movie and fresh new topics, this fall is going to be littttt!!!!!

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Relocation Challenges & Insecure Nudity



This week Renée & Charles talk about relocating when prompted to and ridding of junk in your life, the abundance of nudity in Season 2 of HBO hit show “Insecure,” and they highlight a black entrepreneur who is creating apps for the masses.

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