It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done one of these but a lot of good music has been blessing my Spotify that I had to share it with ya’ll. I know you’ve been struggling to find tunes that you can bop and worship to at the same time. I got you!

Creating good purpose music that the young folk don’t consider “corny” can be a hard combo to come by, but every artist on this list has proven that you can be sanctified and lit. I’ve got a lot of new fire for ya’ll today so let’s hop into it!

First up, straight outta “the boot-shaped state,” is my boy Jor’Dan Armstrong. Any time Jor’Dan drops a new record, I’m downloading. He recently released a Deluxe version of his Blsd EP and as usual it does not disappoint. His single “Tomorrow” has been on repeat all summer, but his new track “Lose My Number” is also a banger!

I shook the devil off, shook him up off me/ I know he really mad, I know he salty/ Lose my number, don’t call me/ I’m living godly/ I reminisce of how far He brought me

Erica and Warryn Campbell dropped some real gospel Bey and Jay heat with their first duet “All of My Life.” I know the saints is mad but in the words of OT Genasis when you getting to the money, everybody mad. Just kidding.

I just wanna show you that it’s certain/ With my hands up, I call it worship/ Yeah I know it’s real, yeah I know it’s real/ And I ain’t gotta question how I feel/ Gimme gimme gimme purpose/ No I never ever nervous/ Everything you say, believe Him/ No I never ever leave Him/ I ain’t steppin down off this word/ Imma keep this thang clear that’s for sure

We’ve known since “Dear No One” that Tori Kelly’s voice was anointed. But now she’s released a worship album, “Hiding Place,” that is releasing that anointing to the world. This track, Psalm 42 is like pure spring water on a hot summer day. Listen and be blessed.


As the deer pants for the water/ So my soul needs you, Lord/ We’re thirsty Lord, you’re the living water/ And my soul needs you Lord/ It needs you Lord


My only disappointment with Aaron Cole’s music is not being introduced to it sooner. His record with the beautiful songbird, Koryn Hawthorne is fire! Aaron hails from Bristol, VA and get this…he’s only 19! Look out for this young man; he is going to have heavy impact in the burgeoning industry of Christian hip-hop.

I knew I was built for this thing/ I ain’t been a saint/ He show me love anyway/ I hear you talking a way/ Get out of my face/ He knew His plans for me/ This for my family, family
You living a fantasy if you think you can handle me/ 705 Chester street where it all started in a condo/ All we had was the ray and john got me feeling like Rondo/ 14 years I been in this thing and I still ain’t even reached my peak/ Everything that I need already living up inside up of me/ Just a Walmart mic and a dream/ Using hip hop ej 4 feeling mean/ Sleeping on church floors in the summer 14/ Fam stayed together like young Al Green


Good Music Friday: Worship Edition


This week’s Good Music Friday is full of today’s contemporary worship. Marvin Sapp, Bethel Music, and Hillsong UNITED are great examples of uninterrupted entry into God’s presence through song and they take me there every time! Check out some of my favorite songs right now and tell me your worship go-to tunes in the comments below.

marvin sappMarvin Sapp just has a certain way of dropping you to the floor and dragging you to the altar. The pure sincerity in his voice makes you want to stop and listen. Click HERE to check out his song actually written and produced by R. Kelly titled “Listen.” When he starts shushing—lays me out.

Reckless Love by Bethel Church thooooo!?!?!?!


I first heard this song at my church, One Church LA and it has since become my anthem. I usually have an anthem for each season. A couple of years ago it was “Intentional” by Travis Greene. Prior to that it was Bethel Music’s (they just have a special anointing) “You Make Me Brave,” and for the past two weeks or so I’ve been Reckless in Love with the Lord. I mean just read these words:

Oh the overwhelming, never-ending reckless love of God/Oh it chases me down, fights til’ I’m found, leaves the 99/I couldn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it, still you give yourself away

There’s no shadow you won’t light up, mountain you won’t climb up, coming after me/No wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down, coming after me.

I’ve recently learned the power of talking back to the enemy and letting him know he has no place here. Hillsong UNITED does just that in their song, “Not Today.” They’re basically like “not today satan, get behind me! Check it out below!

Good Music Friday – 3 “Must Download” Records

Crossover- Travis Greene

It’s Friday which means new music! These records weren’t just released today but they are must haves if you’re looking for good music. Good music are tunes that you can play during morning worship or while working it out. So check out the records below and download TODAY! Support Christian artists so that they can afford to keep giving us great hits our children can dance to.

allthings- lecraeLecrae has become a household name when it comes to inspirational music. His ability to fuse hip-hop beats and lyrical flow with a positive message is rare and incomparable. His latest album “All Things Work Together” includes singles “I’ll Find You” featuring Tori Kelly and “Blessings” featuring Ty Dolla $ign but I must say my favorite song on the record is “Broke.” It has a catchy beat and a motto to live by, “being broke made me rich!”

Travis Greene has provided anthems that have been transformational in my spiritual walk. From “Intentional” to “You Made a Way,” Travis has helped me learn the ways of God and lean on His word. His latest album, Crossover Live From Music City is no different. The record includes his single, “You Waited,” and one of my new favorite songs “Daddy’s Home” featuring Haley Kiteley.

Canton Jones is my go to for crunk worship. When in the gym, I want to be motivated both mentally and spiritually and Canton’s music does just that. His latest track, thooooooo!!!! This song, “Won’t He Do It” is a banger of all bangers! I encourage you to download his EP “Greatness” now and get the bench pressing.

Okay, I’ve given you three reasons to head to iTunes and Google Play and upgrade your playlists. We cannot make excuses that there is no Christian music for the contemporary ear. The music is out there and it is goooood!