New Music Tuesday: B.O.B Ft Mike Fresh, Papoose & BK Brasco Ft Mario

B.O.B Ft Mike Fresh- Cranberry Moon Walk

B.O.B is prepping us for the release of his upcoming album Underground Luxuryscheduled to be released December, 17, 2013 by giving us a track called “Cranberry Moon Walk” featuring Mike Fresh. I’m feeling this one right here and word on the street is this album will be epic.

Papoose – Overpass

Papoose has a knack for being able to step off the scene and lay low and come back and hit you with something to make you forget he was ever gone, as he did on this track “Overpass” in which he sampled the classic “Tom’s Diner.” Check this one out.

BK Brasco Ft Mario – Stadium Lights

Up and coming rapper BK Brasco is no stranger to the music industry. As a songwriter this guy gets props from the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye and now Timbaland, who gave him a chance to show off his rap skills as well. On this track Brasco gives you your Hip Hop and your R&B fix at the same dam* time, by collaborating with Mario. The joint is the truth.




R&B crooner Mario releases the visuals for his latest single, “Somebody Else” ft. YMCMB’s Nicki Minaj. The song comes from his upcoming album currently titled Restoration which is slated for release in September. 
The video features Mario and Nicki standing back-to-back in a penthouse suite, the scene of a soon-to-be crime. Meanwhile there are shots of Mario lifeless on a car at the bottom of the building. 
I love this record and am uberexcited about Mario’s return. He is such an effortlessly talented singer and his music is amaze! Can’t wait to purchase his album this fall:-) Mario says he has more club bangers on the way including a sure hit featuring Roc Nation rapper J.Cole.
-Renée Nicole
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MARIO Talks Dating His Ex-Manager’s Ex-Girlfriend, New Album, Sex Life, & His Mom’s Drug Addiction

I am a huge fan of R&B singer Mario, not just because he reps the hometown (Go Terps!), but because of his amazing vocal ability and attention-grabbing lyrics. The “Break Up” singer is back on the scene with a new song “Somebody Else” featuring Nicki Minaj. He sat with Cocoa Fab to talk his new project which is still untitled, dating his ex-manager’s ex-girlfriend, his ability in the bedroom, and dealing with his mother’s drug addiction.
Have you ever had a ‘fatal distraction,’ a girl you really wanted but who was no good for you?
“Yeah I have. Wow. It was my ex-manager’s ex-girlfriend. So it was a really bad situation. And that sort of influenced this song a little bit.”
Was she off limits because she was your manager’s ex-girlfriend at the time?
“At the time it was off limits. We knew each other for a long time and that influenced me. I was in a vey rebellious place in my life and I wasn’t using my head properly. It was fatal distraction. Looking back, that’s something I will never do again because as a man no matter how good the temptation may be it’s something I’ll never do again.”
But you’re human. And often times the women in your inner circle can become the biggest temptations.
“I think we always want what we can’t have. Until we get it, and then you realize it wasn’t for you in the first place.”
Your single “Somebody Else” with Nicki Minaj is a banger. Have you ever been the ‘somebody else’ in a relationship?
“I’ve always been the somebody else. Most of my relationships– and I’ve changed my frequency a bit—but a lot of the women I met a year or two years ago, they were either just getting out of a relationship or they are looking to get out of the relationship that they were currently in. So I’ve definitely been somebodies’ somebody else. And I’ve had situations where I’ve dated a girl and things didn’t work out and she leaves, then comes back. It’s all about what you put into the situation. Every cause has an effect. So it’s just the way the universe works out. You have to think about your decision because you’ll see the results in four of five months.”
Are you a good seducer in the bedroom?
“ I don’t even know how to answer that question. I know what I like but to say what I would do to a woman, I can’t because every woman is different but what I can say, and I think this would be fair and accurate to say is that I pay a lot of attention. I pay close attention to the opposite sex. And if I’m interested in you, I pay even more attention. I’m a Virgo so we pay attention. I’m very attentive. So if I like someone I go all out. I make it very, very known that I like someone and I pay attention to the things she likes. It could be a month later, you might have something sitting on your bed and you thought I didn’t listen last month, but then I have it for you. It just depends what frequency of attraction we’re on. I do consider my self a passionate lover. I love intimate connection.”
You’ve been in the game for a long time, and you were one of the first celebrities to open up your life to the reality show cameras with your MTV documentary “I Won’t Love You To Death: The Story of Mario and His Mom”. Where is your relationship with your mom now? And how is she doing in her battle with addiction?
“At the time that I did that, I had just moved from Jersey back to Baltimore and I was staying with my mom to help her out. I was doing a day in the life with MTV and that turned into the documentary. There were some discussions about how personal or how raw it would be, and at the time I didn’t know much about reality shows, so I just thought ‘real is real’ and ‘lets just keep it 100.’ We decided to do it and they wanted to turn it into a longer reality show but I was fine with the one time thing and I wanted it to help my fans and inspire people around the world who were struggling with addiction. I wanted to show young adults that they could overcome. My mom got help at the time and she moved to Malibu for rehab and it was a positive step and experience for both of us to have. It really helped me take the burden off of having to see my mom every day struggle with her drug addiction. Right after that, I started my foundation and that was the impetus.”
What’s your relationship now with your mom?
“There are so many different variables but we’re good. We have better communication, better respect and understanding. And I think that us being away from one another for a little bit. After that, I moved to LA and she stayed in Maryland. That space allowed her to be a woman instead of me being the guardian over her telling her what to do. It allowed me to grow as a man, and it allowed her to decide where she wanted her life to go. At some point as a recovering addict, she had to decide where she wanted her life to go. This past year and a half or two that we’ve been apart, I’ve tried to let her do her and me focus on my career. I have to focus on being a better friend, son and a healthy individual and that, in turn, will help both of us.”
Wow. Your journey has been amazing and I’m sure the album will reflect that.
“I’m really excited to share new music with my fans and I cant wait to get on stage and perform. I think they will love connection with me through my album. I enjoy when fans Tweet me to say they are going to freak to my music. I do feel like there’s a lack of emotion in R&B music now, a lack of positive emotion. There’s aggressive music with materialism, but I fit in the middle. You get the aggressive but you get the emotional connection. That’s the position that I play and that’s the position my album will play in today’s music.” 

-Renée Nicole
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