I Will Not Be Shaken


I keep my eyes always on the Lord.
With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Psalm 16:8

Everyone starts the year with new goals. January 1st is the ultimate reset. We claim the new year as “our year,” the moment we are going to overcome all of the obstacles that deterred us in the years prior. But guess what? A new year just means new hurdles. We were never promised a trial-free life. Our responsibility is to take what we learn from our former hardships and defeat new giants with more ease, more class, and a stable mind. You have to declare that no matter what comes, I will not be shaken!

When a year ends and one or two or fifty significant difficult circumstances occurred in the course of that year, we often say for example, “I’m over 2017, come on 2018!” We associate the entire year with whatever difficulty we faced. Why not change our thinking? Why not say, “Last year I endured some hard times, but I endured.” We cannot discredit the victory of making it through and learning from whatever we faced. We now know that when trouble arises in the new year and please believe, it will, we can keep a level head and say, “I overcame before and I will overcome again. God is not new to this, He’s true to this! If He brought me through before, He will bring me out a thousand times and because I have learned to respond as a victor and not a loser, I will win!

We have to go into each day with the mentality of winning. I cannot be easily distracted by attacks. Sickness? I have authority over you today. I am healthy. I am strong. Heartbreak? I take control over my emotions today. God loves me better than any person on earth ever could and He is the commander-in-chief over my heart. Dead end job? God has given me skills that will impact the world. My gifts will create wealth for me.

We can conquer whatever obstacle comes our way with the proper thinking. Set goals and be specific. I am going to be doing a video soon about shameless audacity as I am learning the importance of asking for the desires God has placed in me. I have stuff inside of me that God put there. I can’t afford to keep it bound due to fear, insecurity, timidity, or lack of resources. If HE put it there then He has already provided the tools needed to win.

Yes, it’s a new year. Plan, write things down, create a vision board but while cutting words out of magazines be sure to include overcomer, conquerervictor. Rough patches spot even the most beautiful of valleys, but if you look from a wide view, you will only see the splendor before you. Look at your year from the same perspective. Yes there are blemishes, but there is even more beauty to embrace.

Regardless of what mountains we must climb, we will not be shaken! I declare that this is not just your winning season, but your winning eternity. The blessings will not stop with 2018 but will overflow for the entirety of your children’s children’s children’s children’s lives. You will leave legacy. Everything attached to you WINS!!!!!!


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