Happy Holidays!!!


Whew! This is my 30th ride on the holiday train and the more years that pass, the less I focus on common Christmas traditions. I’m no longer here for stressing to please others or getting the perfect gift. These past couple of years, I’ve simply focused on doing the best I could without losing my peace or joy, especially over a season that I truly love.

The holidays bring a pleasant spirit to the atmosphere. There’s something warm, gooey and chocolate chip-filled that takes over right around Thanksgiving and continues through January 1st. But those good vibes can quickly disappear with the pressure to buy expensive presents or to be in uncomfortable environments out of obligation.

Look here, it’s a new year, new you. I challenge you to do the things that bring you joy. No more overspending. No more people pleasing. There is no better time than now to reroute your behavior, plan for your future, and save yourself a few gray hairs by choosing joy over stress.

Let’s hold each other accountable and prepare for the big things poppin’ in the upcoming season. Let me know what you plan to accomplish in the comments below. While you’re at it, check out some highlights from my Christmas. Here’s to a liiiittttt 2018!!!

Renée Nicole @ms_disclosednative


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