Better Together


This past week I decided I want to truly care about people. Most of us are empathetic and feel sad when someone faces challenges. But I noticed in myself that I was becoming that person who empathized and said I need to do something without taking action. It’s one thing to ask someone, “How are you?” It’s another thing to actually care about the response.

So today I devoted myself to caring about others with my actions. You know the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” Well as cliche as  it may seem, this statement couldn’t be more true. We spend a lot of time saying what we expect from the government, church leaders, our parents, and so on. But if lending a helping hand inconveniences us, we are not always down for the cause.

This weekend my brother had to have an unexpected operation. It hurt me that I couldn’t be there for him since we are on opposite ends of the country. The next day I learned a woman from my church was alone in the hospital. In most instances I would have called or even texted words of encouragement and prayed for her quick recovery. The hospital was not in my route and I had a meeting on the opposite side of L.A. However, I wanted to visit her because also being her sister in Christ, I should be there to provide a sense of family to someone facing the unimaginable.

I am learning that I require help. For so long I told myself that I can do it alone; that I don’t need companionship; no new friends! But I realize that was a lie I told myself to avoid a huge fear, rejection! I am a work in progress. I am still learning the power in relationship. People need me just as much as I need them. We have purpose in each other’s lives. And I can ignore my innate necessity for help if I want to, but there is a void in me if I ignore the pull to connect with God’s children. We all have a function and my weaknesses are nurtured by your strengths.

There are so many causes that I want to sow into. Lately it’s really been on my heart to find effective ways to make an impact in regions devastated by natural disasters such as Puerto Rico, Houston, Mexico, Florida, etc. I know that every bit counts and I can give on my level, but I want these places to feel my contribution so I’m seeking God on bigger, more effective ways to give.

I want to have a heart that responds. I don’t want to be a person who thinks, “Oh they don’t want me there anyway or my small contribution won’t make an impact.” Having been in trying situations, I know that the support of others does make a difference. Having someone stretch out their hand gives the strength to keep fighting on. So let’s connect. In what ways can I serve you? Let’s not be bashful in asking for help. Alone we may be a movement, but together we are a force.



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