You’re Confused, That’s Ok

I was looking back over some of my personal bible study notes and came across a revelation God gave me:

“Sometimes God will allow confusion when things become too easy because He wants us to pull into our best selves which only comes from full dependency on the Holy Spirit. When we are led by our own minds, we are not tapping into our full potential.”

It’s funny how God will give you a message that will be so crucial to your understanding later. I’ve been praying, worshipping and seeking God for clarity about what’s next for me– where I should live, how to break free from chains that imprison by purpose, the list goes on. And due to this confusion I’ve experienced guilt.

We often hear, “God does not operate in the spirit of confusion.” So I’m thinking if I’m confused, I must be in the wrong. There must be something that I’m doing or not doing that is blocking my ability to hear from God.

However, in the midst of attempting to learn what God’s will is for me, I’ve experienced great peace; a knowing that everything is going to be alright. But when asked questions about the status of my life, I would feel pressed for answers.

The revelation God gave me today assures me that if I cleave unto the Lord, everything that I am need of will be provided.

8Rather, cling tightly to the LORD your God as you have done until now.9“For the LORD has driven out great and powerful nations for you, and no one has yet been able to defeat you. 10Each one of you will put to flight a thousand of the enemy, for the LORD your God fights for you, just as he has promised. 11So be very careful to love the LORD your God.

-Joshua 23:8-11

God promises that when I fully depend on Him and not on my flesh or the opinions of others, I can be my best self. And that is what I am on earth to do; to become the best version of me so that I can fulfill the great purpose He designed me for.

Thanks to God, I do not have to be condemned for my confusion. By surrendering the unknown, I give Him the opportunity to create the perfect environment for me. By clinging to Him instead of organizing my own plan based on my own will, I rest assured that I walk in victory even when I am unsure of what He has up His sleeve. I can always be confident that I remain protected, covered, with a strategic map of the road to my life.

I’m reminded of a time that I had all of these plans for my career and was looking for a new place to live as my lease was soon to expire. Suddenly, God started pulling me away from certain business ventures and caused the places I was hoping to sign for to fall through. Little did I know an emergency would soon call me to go home for a couple of months. God was protecting me from contractual obligations that would prohibit me from my assignment. And that is what He is doing for you today.

You may be confused about your life. You’re dissatisfied with your career. Your family life is a wreck. Your finances are non-existent and the bills are piled up through the roof. Yet despite of all of your “mess” you feel God pulling you in a direction that makes absolutely no sense from a rational standpoint. When I tell you, that is how God works. He will put you in a situation that seems to have no escape so that He can step in and prove that He is Lord.

Don’t fight the storms. Cling to Him like a safety blanket. Talk to Him more. Make praise become a necessity like drinking water. Don’t just ask from God but worship and praise Him. Show Him that you love Him even when you don’t see what He is doing for you. I promise that He will give you peace of mind, settle the confusion and provide a way that will boggle your mind. Then all credit goes to Him. It was not your might, not your power, but solely God. Cast your worries on Him and He will never disappoint.

What ways has God shown up for you recently that have blown your mind? Comment below! Your testimony may help someone else.



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