What’s Funny: New Webseries ‘BSU’


By far the funniest webseries I have ever seen (and that’s saying a lot considering I am an avid Awkward Black Girl fan), BSU which stands for Black Student Union, brings a breath of fresh air to comedy.

BSU (Black Student Union) is a comedic coming of age web series following a group of college students who are navigating the pitfalls of teenage self discovery, while simultaneously balancing the expectations to organize on behalf of current and future black students.

This show is full of raw humor via authentic, relatable scenarios and brilliant dialogue. The setting is the campus of UCLA and features a small group of minority students’ efforts in starting a Black Student Union. I can completely relate to this story having attended a predominantly white university. We had a very active BSU as well as other black organizations but it definitely took work to keep these groups alive.

Beyond the story line, there is a dynamic breakdown of characters, my favorite being Manny played by Teddy Ray. He has a voice that strongly resembles Pastor John Gray and a delivery that had me falling out of my seat laughing.

A friend of mine describes BSU as a perfect blend of every type of black person. There is the snooty, uppity girl, the sexy intellect with a Barack Obama appeal, the pretty around-the-way girl, the ditzy jock and the overly hilarious say-whatever-he-feels schemer.

The show has the support of Issa Rae (Insecure, Awkward Black Girl) as it is featured on her YouTube channel.

Check out the first four episodes and be sure to follow and like The Peak TV!




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