Just before typing these words I took a deep breath and requested, “God, please forgive me.” God anticipates our mess ups and therefore is readily awaiting with His grace. Today I woke up in a slump. One of the hardest things about opening up to people via various mediums is the power of the tongue. I have a blog, a podcast, social media and it can all become overwhelmingly difficult to manage. In a nutshell, I say and do some dumb stuff sometimes.

Listening to my podcast this week left me disappointed in myself. I heard judgement in my words, a tone that I prefer not to frequent. However, I went there and I know better. That’s not me. I am way too flawed to judge anyone. I have far too dusty of a past to even look at somebody sideways for their decisions. So, I asked God for forgiveness and now I ask you, my faithful readers and listeners for forgiveness.

We’ve talked on the show about the things people do in hopes of remaining relevant and I was guilty of that same attempt of simply becoming relevant. I thought that our listeners wanted to hear more back and forth bantering between me and my co-host so that’s what I tried to deliver. #epicfail

One thing that I’m learning is to confront issues head on. As a friend told me, I can’t circle the plane around attempting to avoid the runway, no I have to land that thing, nip it in the bud, and make my way to ground transportation.

I promise in the future to be my most authentic self; to not try to be anything or give anything that I think people want from me. I will give 100% of who I am, and while I’m still learning what that is, I know it does not include hypocritical judgement, false self-awareness or hurtful commentary about God’s children.

I will never be perfect but I will always be honest with myself and strive to be better rather than make excuses for my poor decisions. More than anything I want us all to have God’s peace and stirring up strife is a sure way to block the peace that He longs to give to us.

So realize God ain’t through with me yet and as I grow there are a million more levels of growth for me to encounter. I encourage you, when you are feeling guilt, to ask for His forgiveness and receive it, confront the issue, and MOVE ON! There are so many more feats to conquer and dwelling on past actions that you can’t change will leave you stagnant.

Love ya’ll and thanks for rollin with a sista;-)


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