Fashionista Swimsuit Edition


85 degree sun rays, turquoise-colored ocean water, white beach sand, and sweated-out edges. The warmer months are upon us which equates to poolside Sunday Funday’s. Now is the time to start re-upping our swimsuit game. While I recycle much of my beachwear year over year, I love to add a few new additions each spring.

As many of my followers know, this is my 30th year, and in celebration I’ll be hitting the coral reefs of Belize this summer with my besties. So my “swimdrobe” will receive quite a few upgrades before the trip!

I’ve gotta send a special thank you to two beautiful naturalistas that I follow, Rene Daniella (@ownbyfemme) and Jessica Franklin (@heygorjess). Not only do they inspire us with their stunning photos, but they provide AFFORDABLE fashion tips that I soak up. See pics below of some of their latest swimsuit finds for as low as $12 in addition to a few others if your budget is more flexible.

Are you ready for summer, summer, summertime? Comment with what you are looking forward to most this sunny season!



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