Enduring to Purpose

Renée talks about the relevance of enduring hardship to fulfilling your purpose. Watch and leave your comments below! Also be sure to like and subscribe to the DisclosedNative YouTube channel.



2 thoughts on “Enduring to Purpose

  1. shay says:

    I have been fighting my religious responsibilities lately but I won’t deny my father, I will minister when prompted and my son will go to church and stay surrounded by the knowledge of the word. So why am I fighting? I can’t tell you that, but I can tell you that you are always right on time. I have been struggling in my relationships and have been trying to get back on track. I’m so much stronger than I was last year, I can handle more deal with more and appreciate as well as love more. I was built and have a Devine purpose to love and show love. Whats lacking in my life is God so maybe if I turn to him and bring him back into my relationships with people I/we can finally grow. Thanks for sharing your word. May God continue to use you in order to reach people.

    • disclosednative says:

      @Shay This was so beautifully put, so many people including myself at times are in the same position. Our relationship with God, similarly to our relationship with people, requires constant work and attention, but the love and covering we receive makes it all worth it. Thank you so much for your transparency as I know so many of us needed to hear exactly what you’ve written.

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