From Maryland to The Rap Game: 15-Year-Old Female Rapper, Deetranada’s Road to Stardom


Courtesy of @deetranada Instagram

Growing up people would make fun of my hair, people would make fun of my lips, people would just make fun of my eyes, ‘How you black but you got Chinese eyes?’ So I just rap about it, I laugh at it and I learned how to put it in musical form.” -Deetranada, The Rap Game

The epitome of turning lemons into lemonade, 15-year-old Maryland native, Deetranada is sipping a fresh glass of half and half (the Baltimore nickname for an Arnold Palmer-half lemonade, half iced tea) as her success is unfolding right before her eyes. Undeterred by early struggles, the budding rap star has made a name for herself transforming from YouTube freestyle rapper at the young age of 13 to starring in season 3 of Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game.

If you coming for the kid then that’s a bold move/Kill these kids with no remorse now that’s a cold move/These people riding on my old groove, man/I’m sleeping on these bums I’m steady hitting no snooze. -Deetranada

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If only her peers would have known the success that was ahead of her, I’m sure they would have thought twice before calling her any names. But it was those criticisms that fueled her pencil to paper thus penning the lyrics that landed her the opportunity of rapping on your tv screen.

The Rap Game is a competition that allows child rappers to compete for a So So Def Recordings contract. This same record label catapulted the careers of Bow Wow, Kris Kross, Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Xscape and more.  Founder Jermaine Dupri has produced for legends including Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Usher, and Destiny’s Child. He’s taken his ear for young talent to the small screen as he searches for the next big star to join his team. And his ear took him to the East Coast where young Deetranada was tirelessly honing her craft.

Deetranada’s talent caught her family’s attention as a kid. Influenced by Lauryn Hill and Joey Badass, young Deetra channeled her inner writer. Her older brother Platinum J, a hip hop dancer, knew that there was something special about her gift. He took her under his wing as her manager, promoted her YouTube channel, booked studio time, and ensured she got the right exposure. Her recent success has established a core fan base, #TDT (Team Deetranada), with IG followers reaching  over 45K.

Deetranada shocked the world on last week’s The Rap Game premiere when she called out Dupri with a freestyle:

Aye J.D., If you never knew Deetranada always be going bo/Colder than snow/These people blow me like a stuffy nose/Touch down in the A now, I don’t know how to act/How you pair me up with kids that don’t know how to rap?

Episode 2 of The Rap Game Season 3 airs tonight 1/20/2017 on Lifetime @10/9c.

Be sure to follow @Deetranada on all social media and visit her website, for fan paraphanalia, new music, and upcoming The Rap Game tour dates.

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2 thoughts on “From Maryland to The Rap Game: 15-Year-Old Female Rapper, Deetranada’s Road to Stardom

  1. shay says:

    This is so Dope. I love to see my people on the come up and to see everyone being so supportive. Sharing videos and pictures on social media as well as hash tags #TDT. I’m so proud of my boy Platinum J, hes doing such a great job and I wish him and his family much success.

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