Holiday Reflection

The holidays are always bittersweet to me. They usually include time cut short at home to return to whatever state in the U.S. I’m living in or sharing the season with limited friends/family or even solo dolo. Yesterday as I was preparing for my last day in Maryland with family I struggled with various factors that make not being around, difficult.

Between attempting to see everyone I often miss or being able to handle the things I cannot change, I was a bit emotional. I spoke to a friend who put my whole year into perspective. She helped me recognize that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Everything that I encounter is a tool to add to my handy bag for the future. I am learning the information and gaining the skills necessary for next year`s tasks and the years to follow.

In terms of relationships, I have finally discovered the value in them. The fact that I have friends I can trust to disclose my inner struggles to and receive a pouring of God’s wisdom from is major growth for me. I usually keep these burdens to myself and add them to the pile of insecurities, fears and grievances I’ve chosen to mask rather than face. 

God has developed my likeness to Him this year in that I desire more of what He does, I seek Him and I follow His lead more than before. Man oh man do I have so much room for growth but I’m very grateful to experience and recognize His hand on my life. That gift no man can buy, that gift is priceless.

I hope that this holiday season brought you more joy than sadness. You may have spent Christmas alone or without those you love most but I pray that only provided you more opportunity to reflect and receive revelation about where you are and where you are headed. For those who have lost someone dear to you, I hope that the memories you share provide strength as you create new traditions with the people God places into your life.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, enjoy your life of purpose.


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