It’s Okay, Laugh It Up!


They (whoever they are) ain’t lying when they say that laughter is the best medicine. Nothing makes me happier than a good laugh. Give me a really good comedy over a drama or thriller any day.

A lot of people think that being a church-goer equates to being stuffy, stiff, and judgmental. But I honestly believe there is a new wave of Christianity that is proving that living a life for Christ can be fun. With the introduction of social media into our daily lives, we are able to see new, radical acts of faith that are truly making Jesus cool again.

If you are on Instagram then you’re probably familiar with the ridiculously funny Lexi Allen aka @lexitelevision. Her hilarious renditions of the hottest secular music in her Holy Ghost-filled, gospel vocals make for straight comedy. I think what makes it funny is that it’s so real. For those of us who grew up on gospel, we are quick to turn a Chris Brown record into Sunday’s praise and worship. Check out the video below and grab a tissue for your tears of laughter.

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COGIC ON BLACK FRIDAY and everyday of my life!!

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