Obedience = Blessings


Photo credit: The Wave Christian Fellowship

There is power in obedience. When you are led by the Holy Spirit, you have less random, meaningless thoughts. God will put ideas and visions in your spirit for a purpose and if you allow those promptings to linger without execution you can miss out on something crucial. Have you ever had someone on your mind and decided to give them a call or shoot them a text? I bet their response was, “I was just thinking of you too,” or “I really needed that today, I’ve been going through x, y, z.” That was the Holy Spirit prompting you to reach out to that person for a divine purpose. But without obedience, we would miss out on these opportunities.

Out of obedience I have been saturated in environments that are filled with Spirit-led individuals who have spoken into my life. Last night I had someone prophesy to me that there are blessings tied to my obedience. She was given the words that I have been obedient and there are blessings that will come with that obedience. Of course that triggered a new value of heeding God’s voice in me. I started recognizing things that God placed on my heart that I put off for later. I believe this prophecy came to stir an urgency in me to immediately obey His instruction.

Some of you may be wondering, “Well how do I hear from God? I’m willing to do what He says but He’s not speaking to me.” Hearing from God starts with recognizing His voice and recognizing His voice comes with building a relationship with Him. That word building is so important because there are levels to getting to know God. Just like earthly relationships, the time and effort you put into learning Him will determine the strength of your relationship. If you are hungry for Him, He will reveal Himself to you–His mannerisms, His desires, what brings Him pleasure, and what He requires of you.

If you are not hearing from God, I challenge you to seek Him with all of your heart. Wake up with intentionality. Make every part of your life an act of worship.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,” Colossians 3:23

Commitment to the work God has given you is an act of worship to the Lord. Holding the door for someone, helping an elderly person cross the street; any action that brings pleasure to our God is a way of worshipping Him. Don’t feel down on yourself for not spending an hour in prayer and verbal worship each morning. If that is what you feel the Holy Spirit leading you to do then do it! But worship is an action, not just words, not just music, not just prayer, it is a lifestyle. Are you living a life of worship?

Once you spend time with Him and earnestly seek after Him, God will unveil more of Himself to you. Layer after layer will be uncovered as you really dig deep into the core of who He is. It’s not going to take you as long as your predecessors to tap into this relationship because Heaven is near and in need of you like never before. He is building up leaders for this world but true leadership starts with obedience.

The next time you experience God’s exhortation, follow His direction with urgency. Your obedience is never only linked to you. There is a blessing for someone else in everything that He calls you to do. God is a multi-tasker. He will use you to multiply His power in His people. Consider the lives that He will use you to save and the closeness to Him you will receive and immediately obey.


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