Discovering Your Team: A Band of Sisters


I was going to write a blog about why Necole Kane is my friend in my head (and that probably will be my next blog post; she’s dope) but I couldn’t help but think about the great sister friends that I already have. I have moved around quite a bit in my adult years and God has recently revealed to me how He has brought amazing people into my life in every city I’ve lived. My heart is all the more full coming off the high of my first mentoring event in Los Angeles this past weekend. The way the women who helped me–most of whom have known me less than six months–worked together using their specific gifts to make this event a success showed me new depths of the meaning of sisterhood.

God will bring new people in your life as you evolve to new heights. But He will also keep close your true blues, like my friend who I met while living in Atlanta who drove two hours to hang streamers, help prepare lunch, and speak to our young future leaders. And of course my mother who is my ace boon and absolute number 1 supporter; the woman who will send Disclosednative branded t-shirts from the other side of the country and the other side of the world if she has to, call sponsors, print flyers, and pray for me without ceasing. My prayer partner who will stop what she’s doing to intercede and fast for me. My best friend who I have seen support people she doesn’t even know just because they are associated with me or simply due to believing in what they are doing. My “partner in crime” who motivates me with her words of encouragement. I am blessed to have a band of sisters around me who love others and want to see them shine. They are not petty or selfish. They are willing to sacrifice their time, blood, sweat and fears (coined by First Lady Jakes-Roberts) in order to give life to my vision.

I have been seeking my circle. My Pastor talks about building your tribe, a group of people that will hold you accountable, motivate you and aid you in becoming your best self and vice versa. I wanted that. However, he also mentioned that you don’t choose your team. Your partners in purpose will be driven to you. This helped me realized that my team is already set. We may make a few trades or substitute players off the bench throughout the years, but the starters are those who are there through thick and thin. They never change unless for the better.

Sisterhood is what womanhood is about. Women have enough obstacles to face–from hormonal shifts associated with pregnancy, menstrual cycles and menopause to inequality in the workforce–the additional stress of cattiness, superficiality, and unhealthy competition is unnecessary. Let’s make a pact to love rather than hate, to stop being standoffish and engage. We are much stronger together than as one. Women are the backbone of this world but we lose our authenticity when we stab each other in the back. Give a hug, a helping hand, an encouraging word to your brother or sister today. It will fill you up just as much as it does them.


2 thoughts on “Discovering Your Team: A Band of Sisters

  1. Nena says:

    Amen!! I came to realize the importance of sisterhood as an adult and I am so happy the Lord revealed the beauty of having girl friends:)

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