God Has Not Deserted You


Distractions come in every shape and form. Their motive is to knock us off the high level God has elevated us to. In this instance we have two options, give in to their plot or choose to be bigger and better than the distraction could ever be.

The enemy attempted to make me feel that God was revoking my blessing. What had seemed to be God’s grace transformed to the feeling of abandonment. And my faith was challenged. But I’m reminded of the story of Abraham. He and Sarah had to wait until they were 100 years old to birth their promised son, Isaac. Despite adversity, they had to remain confident in the promise.

Do not consider delay a curse. God has perfect timing. He knows the necessary process you must withstand in order for you to be prepared for the blessing. Every situation He allows you to encounter is perfectly orchestrated for the storybook of your life. It all lines up with your destiny, the divine reason for which you exist.

You may be feeling as if God has deserted you. The blessings you saw as breakthroughs have seemingly been stripped from you. Quit trying to figure out what you did wrong. Stop fussing at God for leaving you stranded. He is not punishing you. He’s so much smarter than we are. He is the master creator of the world. He is like a painter and we, the canvas. He knows where to place every fine detail in order to design a masterpiece.

When hardships pile up, our spirit can become discouraged. In those moments, no matter how badly we want to stay positive, it can be very difficult to do so. We can pray, read our bible and still feel defeated. God doesn’t expect perfection from us. He recognizes our efforts. He sees our desire to remain in His will when our flesh drags us through the mud of negativity. He will provide an out that will cause everything to make sense.

“But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13

If God allows you to encounter an unpleasant experience, then He also will provide an escape from the pain and the anguish that comes with it. He will give you the tools needed to endure and overcome. And once you overcome you’ll look back and realize why you had to have that experience. It was all to bring you here.

If nothing else, know that God has not left you and never will. Choose to rely on faith and never doubt that He wants the best for you. He always, always has your back. You will realize that what God has on the other side of your trial is so much greater than all that you endured. He knows what He is doing; just trust Him.


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