Good Music Friday: Jermaine Dolly, Keyondra Lockett


It’s another Friday and Disclosed only knows one way to turn up for the weekend, with good music! Good music with good messages sounds like a good combination to me! This week we have a few names that you may not be familiar with which is exciting. I love introducing new artists who are unashamed of pouring God-filled lyrics over mainstream beats. Get your life to the records below and check out what these artists are up to.

Jermaine Dolly is a singer/songwriter from Southwest Philadelphia with an incredible voice and an even better sense of humor. If you follow him on the gram (@hello_dolly24) then his videos “Zoo Fashion Week” and “Thaaaaas My Name” left you in stitches. Jermaine sang background for Tye Tribbett for six years and attributes his prayer life and knowledge of the bible to him.

Anybody that ever talks to Tye, he relates everything back to the bible. Everything. So I didn’t want to be the odd ball in the group that didn’t know nothing about bible. So I would go home and try to read the King James version and I wasn’t getting it. So what he did for me for my birthday, he bought me the Message bible.

Jermaine is on the independent record label, By Any Means Necessary. His single “You” features an old-school-riding-with-the-sunroof-back-on-a-Saturday-afternoon-after-just-getting-your-car-washed feel. His high-register is comparable to Smokey Robinson or Al Green and his runs are out of this world! “You” has hit Billboard #1 gospel record charts. Take a listen to the hit below and look for more from this guy.

Keyondra Lockett is a singer/songwriter and original member of gospel group Ziel. Since going solo she has dropped two mixtapes Soul Couture and Soul Couture 2 [free download here] as well as an EP Bring Me To. She has a soulful sound with a contemporary feel. Her rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do” does the legend justice while converting lyrics of love to Jesus.

Keyondra collaborated with Jor-Dan Armstrong, and Jai for a gospel-mixed cover of Omarion’s “Post to Be” and can you say banger??? Go on, click play below and get your dance on.

Up and coming gospel artists are making it easier to live a life dedicated to Jesus. When we are hitting the heavy bag at the gym or riding out on a five-hour road trip, we need music that we can bounce to. Now we don’t have to resort to the world in order to get our wake-up fix. And we do not have to worry about what we are dancing to because we know they include lyrics that inspire. What inspirational artists are you listening to? Leave your comments below!


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