You Can’t Make Them Believe, But God Can


A person who has great love is one who is able to release people and things…Don’t be a person who controls, but one who freely gives the liberating love that only comes from God. -Joyce Meyer

Once we gain an intimate relationship with God, we want everyone around us to experience what we have. We start beating our loved ones over the head with scriptures and YouTube links to gospel songs that we just know will be the tool to bringing them closer to God. What we fail to realize is that God has a specific timeline set for everyone’s life. We all have a development process that we must endure in order to walk in our purpose. Everyone’s timeline is uniquely designed for him or her. We cannot determine anyone else’s timing, we do not have that power. But we do have the ability to encourage, set the example, and love in the midst of their journey.

This news should come as a relief. Fighting the battle of faith for someone else is tiring. We exert useless energy on decisions that are not up to us to make. When we pour our beliefs onto people and they choose a different path, it leaves us disappointed, frustrated, and even devastated. We become worked up over a destiny that does not belong to us. While that person faces the consequences of their actions, we face the consequences of not trusting God and His perfect timing.

God showed me a need to let go. I was putting so much of myself into people that when they did not behave as I felt they should, I was mentally distraught. My emotions were on a rollercoaster because of that which I could not control. Finally I paid attention to God’s voice saying, “Let go and give them to me.” Months after obeying I noticed significant changes in the people I was hassling. God had to show me that it is not my job to make anyone have this relationship I have with Him. He has a precise outline for everyone’s life and He does not need me making alterations. All that I am required to do is sow a seed of love and faith, pray, and allow God to handle the rest.

You may feel that you have been praying for the same person forever. God wants you to know that He already has the blueprint. Continue to pray but unleash the burden you’ve placed on yourself to turn someone into you. God has an individual purpose, an individual plan for those around you. Your example of love and peace may be what leads them to God but a forceful hand will only draw them away. Allow God to take the wheel and follow the Holy Spirit rather than your head.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6


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