God is Intentional


God is intentional. Every second of our life is well thought out by the Creator. He has proven this to me time and time again but has made it crystal clear to me now. Today is New Year’s Eve and while I want to look at each day as a new opportunity to get it right this time (kudos Lauryn Hill), I knew that I wanted the last day of 2015 to be spent with my Heavenly Father. I have been reading Joel Osteen’s The Power of I Am; powerful is an understatement. I learned that I can speak into existence whatever I want to be. I can be bold in proclaiming, “I am strong. I am wise. I will make a huge impact on the world. I will lead masses to the Kingdom of God.” I can speak these things and they will be so because I have faith that it is true, it aligns with God’s Will, and He has the power to make it all come to fruition.

God led me to a movie on Netflix today titled, Christmas Angel starring Izabela Vidovic, Della Reese and Tamera Mowry-Housley. I must have passed on this film a dozen times before clicking on it today nearly a week after the Christmas holiday. But God is intentional. He knew that it would support the messages I have received up until now and it would be the perfect starter to my New Year. The movie highlights a young girl who with the help of an angel here on earth makes the wishes of others come true. Rather than asking for her own needs or desires, she works tirelessly to raise funds for a child in need of a kidney, to help a bully’s father recover from alcholoism and land a job, and even to help her single mother find love. This reminded me of the selflessness God requires of me.

I listened to a message this morning on love. Pastor Fuller of Grace Covenant Church mentioned that love is supernatural. It is the decision to love someone even when they are unlovable. This is the type of love [agape] that Jesus displayed in sacrificing His life for us. If you look at the “I am’s” that I proclaimed above, they all are for the benefit of others. If I abide by the love of Christ and allow it to take full control of my life, then everything that I do will benefit people who have access to me. That is why I can say, “God give me a large platform,” because the larger the platform, the greater the impact for the Kingdom.

God is intentional. He knew that I needed to receive this message before I was ready to go forth in the world doing what He created me for. Every event up to now has been preparation for the work He has for me to do. I do not know the how but I do know the vessel is me and the method is obedience.

What were you created for? He may not tell you what it is exactly but I can guarantee others can be affected by it. If you are seeking Him then the answer will appear. You may even be acting on it without knowing. Pay attention and simply follow His lead. The doors will open where they need to and shut where necessary. He is intentional.


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