The Power of Relationships


Relationship! Relationship! Relationship! I repeat this over and over because I believe that repetition is the best teacher. We learned our abc’s by singing the ABC song over and over. We learned to write by tracing the letters over and over. My RELATIONSHIP with God is the model of what my relationship should be with people. God can do no wrong. I love Him if He allows everything in my life to go right or if He allows turbulence to seep in. He loves me unconditionally. We hit dry patches in our relationship where I do not feel like reading or listening to His word. However, He will always set a spark to rekindle the flame of our bond. The same is true for people.

We need people. God gave Adam, Eve because he could not start the order of the world alone. In marriages, every day is not bliss. But there will be reminders of why you love that person and what drew you together in the first place. During the dating stage, you must straighten out the kinks of what you can and cannot handle from your mate before entering forever together.

I keep hearing messages that compare our purpose to pregnancy and I believe that is because I and so many of you are currently in the third trimester of destiny. We are about to give birth to what God created us for when He placed us in our mother’s wombs. The hunger and thirst for something greater that you are currently experiencing are birth pains. Your water is about to break, giving life to the supernatural here on earth. I know this is so true for myself because He is giving me new desires. I am not following my past routine. He’s given me a mindset bigger than I’ve ever experienced before and I realize it’s because I’m on the verge of something bigger.

We are all pregnant with greatness but one cannot become pregnant alone. It takes two to even plant the seed and create the embryo. Usually when one gives birth there is a host of family and friends that gather at the hospital to support this new child entering into the world. We need cheerleaders, hand-holders, workers to make the process simpler and more effective. We make greater impact when we have more of God’s called and anointed individuals joining forces for a common cause-the Kingdom!

Just because I have an addition of people in my life does not mean my values shift. My values remain and are even enhanced when I have the right people in my corner holding me accountable. If I change who I am based on who I am around, I did not have true values to begin with. I should hold the same standards everywhere I go. No matter what offer is on the table, I will stand for what is right, noble, just, and trustworthy. I will not accept offers that challenge my relationship with God.

God is bringing unique individuals into my life; people that I may not think I would normally hang with because I have something to offer them and they to me. That person makes me a disciple. That person holds the key to unlock my blessing. Do not judge the people that come into your life that seem “crazy.” They have purpose- you for them, they for you, and together for the Kingdom. I have been a loner for most of my life, not allowing people in because I felt they would hold me back. And maybe for the first 28 years of my life that was true. I may have needed that time to develop my one-on-one relationship with God. But now I realize that I must allow others to enter in because we are more powerful in numbers than I am as one.


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