Haute Hair: Step Your Wig Game Up


I am a naturalista and while I love my curls, I must admit styling my hair becomes tiresome. There are only so many twist-outs, wash and go’s, and up-do’s a girl can take before she starts flipping through magazines in search of a new style; one preferably with less maintenance. That is when you have to get your Wendy Williams on and shake out an old wig. How you doinnn???

In decades prior there was a stigma associated with wigs. We thought of old Grandma Agnes sitting in the front pew of church catching the Spirit a bit too hard causing her hairpiece to shift. But wigs have since upped their quality giving us new looks to throw into the pot without the commitment.

What I love about wigs is I can go short if I’m feeling rockstar or if I want to be glamorous I can let her hang. I can throw in a pop of color or keep it simple. Wigs provide versatility allowing you to be whoever you want to be for the day, or the year depending on the quality of hair you purchase.

There are so many hair fashionistas who have made wigs a trend that we cannot ignore. Check out the pics below and holla at us in them comments if you’re feeling them.



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