Monday Motivation: Listen


So many times we can be sidetracked by how slowly things seem to be going. In fact, the enemy loves to point that out! But remember, that’s when God may be doing some of His greatest work. You see, it’s not all about you and me. The Lord’s work in us is preparation for the work He wants to do through us!  -Joyce Meyer, Promises for Your Everyday Life: A Daily Devotional

I’ve allowed my impatience to somewhat steer me off track. I felt like I jumped into so many ventures head first without a clear plan. And that led to a void that needed filling. He has revealed to me that the void could and should have been filled by digging deeper into my relationship with Christ. As with any relationship, my connection with God has to be nurtured and evolve. I cannot watch the same sermon every morning, say the same prayer every night, and listen to the same song on the car ride to work without adding some newness to the mix.

I was becoming bored and rather than seeking innovative ways to strengthen my access to God, I resorted to distractions that relinquish my boredom but block my hearing from my Father. I was making it harder and harder to receive direct discernment from Him because I was surrendering to feelings rather than conscience. When I feel those instincts kick in, I cannot ignore them.

Once you reach a level of maturity, God allows you to make your own decisions. When I was young in my walk with Him, He would pick me up and carry me out of the way of danger. Now He puts a knowing of the right decision in my spirit and leaves it completely up to me. Whether or not I make the right move is based on my willpower. And unfortunately I do not always get it right.

Just because you conquer one obstacle does not mean new mountains will not appear. I felt like I was on the right path because I had given up certain behaviors that pulled me from God’s plan for my life, but rather than continuing to grow, I found other ways to fall short of my purpose. It took an old friend to help me see this. God uses people to get a message across to us and I am grateful that He cares about me enough not to let me ignore His direction.

When God has impressed something on your heart, listen. Do not wait until you fall flat on your face. Take heed to your conscience and do not talk yourself out of what it is telling you. You can live stress-free if you choose to respond to the discernment God provides instead of giving power to your flesh.



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