Friendsgiving: A Transplant’s Resolution to the Holidays


I hope that everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving. I know I sure did! This was my first Thanksgiving without any family. Having relocated to California from the east coast early this year, I decided just a couple of months before the holidays that I would spend Thanksgiving and Christmas in my new home. And while I missed the people I love most, fortunately due to a great source of technology called FaceTime, I was able to see their faces and then share memories with some of the new friends I’ve made over here on the arguably “best coast.”

Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving dinner shared with friends, has become the hashtag of the season right next to #thanksgivingwithblackfamilies, which I must add had me crying laughing.


I think that Friendsgiving has become so popular because people are recognizing that going home for the holidays is not always a simple option. Many of us have left the familiar to conquer new territory and home is not a hop, skip, and jump away. There were a few factors that kept me from making that 5 1/2 hour flight back to Maryland. For one, flying during Thanksgiving and Christmas costs a pretty penny. If I’m dishing out that kind of money then I want to stay longer than a weekend, however, work still needs to be done so visiting the fambam for a week plus just wasn’t feasible. But thanks to good friends I was able to make this Thanksgiving one for the books!

My friend Persia, who is from New York, has lived here in L.A. for nine years so she was thrilled to welcome me into her home and make this a friendsgiving event. I got to her beautiful Marina del Rey apartment early in the afternoon and prepared appetizers. The day before I volunteered serving the homeless on Skid Row and met a young lady who attends the same church as me and had just moved five weeks prior. I invited her over. We laughed and talked over spinach wontons, shrimp cocktail, my famous cheddar bay biscuits, and coquitos (Puerto Rican egg nog). Then, we headed to the movies to see Creed, the latest installment from the Rocky series. If you love Rocky or stories of love, survival, and overcoming obstacles then this is a MUST SEE!!!

We came back home and ate our entrees: a turkey-less roast (L.A. people I tell ya lol), sweet potatoes, stuffing, corn bread, and my mini pineapple-upside down cakes. Later that evening we went to another friendsgiving event, had a few cocktails and almost got hit by the fire in the backyard firepit but that’s a story for another time.

Needless to say it was an amazing day and I am so grateful to have made friends to share the special moments with. Family is who you make it where you make it. Friendsgiving has allowed us transplants to feel at home in a distant land. Be grateful for the people in your life, blood or not. They all have an important place in your life.


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