Something in the Water

celeste betton

Every now and then we are blessed to hear something that makes a significant impact on our lives and the way we live them. It could be a song or a poem or maybe even a funny, yet powerful quote from your four-year old godchild. I have had many encounters such as this and one specifically just came full circle. I stumbled upon Carrie Underwood’s gospel-inspired hit “Something in the Water” last year by accidentally watching The Jimmy Fallon Show. Who knew that the song would provide me the motivation I would need to quit my job three months later? I guess God had a plan because I almost flipped the channel but was not able to before witnessing Carrie’s powerful performance.

Today I was catching up on what I missed this week on The Voice. I was extremely grateful to producer phenomenon Pharell Williams when he brought back the soulful songbird Celeste Betton. She has the type of voice that I would love to hear in my iTunes playlist (downloading her performance as we speak) and her battle round performance with Mark Hood was as Gwen Stefani put it her “favorite battle I have ever seen.” She unfortunately lost that battle to Mark who is a singing genius.

But when Celeste returned and said she would be singing the country tune “Something in the Water,” I jumped out of my seat. As soon as she bolted out the first few notes I let out a scream. I literally was filled with the Holy Spirit because of her brilliant execution of not just the song but the meaning behind it.

Celeste, unfortunately was not voted to stay by America past this round but I’m pretty sure we will be hearing her sweet voice in the near future. Watch her impactful performance below. I encourage you to download this song and allow it to minister to you as it has me.


2 thoughts on “Something in the Water

  1. shay says:

    I have never heard her sing but I got chills reading your post. I will now take a listen. . Thanks for the post, you always find a way to bring joy to my spirit.

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