Are You Standing on the Front Line?

front line

“God doesn’t want any weak soldiers. if you’re not willing to do it somebody else will.” This was a statement a friend of mine made in a discussion about following your call. How many times have you felt God leading you in a direction but disobeyed out of fear? You say I want to confirm that it was God first, but you know. Every book you open, every word you hear makes it clear the instruction is from Him, but the truth of the matter is you’re scared. And then you move on. Time passes and you see that same idea God gave you come to fruition somewhere else, by someone else. God had an assignment that needed to be completed and if you wouldn’t step up, He had to find someone who would.

Often the fear that we experience is related to the call of God being so unrelated to the norm of this world. The spiritual nature is much different than the flesh. We live in a world that is fueled by negativity. Spike Lee is catching flak for his new film Chiraq on one side for not being gangsta enough and on the other for shedding a negative light on the third largest city in the U.S. But what is wrong with acknowledging the facts while seeking a resolution? So often we talk about the issues without offering a resolve to the conflict. Spike Lee’s Chiraq provides a unique perspective on lowering Chicago’s homicide tolls. It may not be the answer but it is more than just shaking our heads and moving on to the next topic of discussion.

We have to be willing to be bold in a way unique to the world. Our boldness comes because we know that what we are doing is prompted by God and therefore cannot fail. We are not worried about how others perceive us. We know that once this assignment is completed, lives will be changed for the better. We cannot risk that important fact due to our insecurities and fears. We have to be sold out for God. We cannot have one foot in and one foot out. We realize that this world has nothing for us but we have so much to offer it. The promises we hold fast to cannot be a well-kept secret that we hold only to ourselves. It deserves to be shared to the masses.

Is God pressing you to step out of your comfort zone? Has He called you to do something but you are still on the fence? You cannot afford to ignore Him. You are not only hindering yourself but you are prohibiting the life-saving message God has for others through you. Don’t be selfish. Obey and be amazed by His glory revealed through your obedience. Stand in awe as He impacts lives because of your commitment. Be a strong soldier willing to stand on the front line for His Kingdom cause.


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