Mid-Week Inspiration: The True Definition of Winning


win: verb (used without object), won, winning.

  1. to finish first in a race, contest, or the like.
  2. to succeed by striving or effort.
  1. to gain the victory; overcome an adversary.
  1. Slang. to be successful or competent and be acknowledged for it.

“She won.” “Winning.” We exist in a society that idolizes the gold medal. To have it all is the goal. Success is to have an advantage. But are you sure you can handle all that winning entails? Luke 12:48 states, “To whom much is given, much is required.” That means more has to come out of you. You are going to have to work harder. You are going to have to sacrifice more.

There is a fine line between losing and winning. From the outside looking in she looks like she has it all. Jimmy Choo’s on her feet, Celine bag on her shoulder, Italian wheels, a house with a five-car garage and a fine husband who helps make it all possible. But only she knows that she goes to bed lonely each night; that since becoming wealthy her husband tells her he loves her less and less and she longs for the days when they shared a one-bedroom apartment and a dream. While we see a perfect life, she experiences a perfect love lost.

Worldly gains come at a high cost. We have to surrender our time with friends and family, our morals, even our faith to fit into a society that we do not belong to. And once we obtain what we are looking for, will we be satisfied or will we forever be in pursuit of more?

The true definition of winning is gaining the Kingdom of God, which we seek and find through authentic worship. When we reverence the Lord for who He is, blocking out distractions, we enter into His presence and receive all that His goodness has for us. We gain discernment to protect us from bad choices. We learn that we are not of this world and we do not pursue its temporary treasures. We have greater waiting for us.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

He will give you earthly as well as heavenly gems but only when you exchange your agenda for His. God is going to get the glory whether through you or someone else. Why waste your time here reaching for personal gain? The greatest prize comes to winners of destiny and purpose.


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Inspiration: The True Definition of Winning

  1. Coolio says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve commented. This is a great read. I agree with you 100%. The good thing about knowing God is even if you strive for that wealth, power, etc… He won’t give it to you if he knows you can’t handle it. He knows your heart and mind.

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