Fashion Fix: Women in Menswear


I am a big fan of oversized clothing. It allows me to comfortably step out for a day of grocery shopping followed by errand running (I’m loads of fun I promise). Not only that but mens clothing on females is making a big comeback. Baby girl Aaliyah’s famous style of baggy Hilfiger jeans with a flannel tied at the waist and a loose crop top was so fetch in the 90’s and even more fierce today.

Baby girl, better known as Aaliyah!

Baby girl, better known as Aaliyah!

Boyfriend jeans came into my life and made all things right. I don’t know why men have tossed this comfy style aside for our thigh-sucking skinnies but more power to them. Avoiding the struggle into those bad boys is five minutes that I gladly add back to my day. Tight pants however, are still required in some circumstances.

The key to ladies rocking menswear is to balance it out with femininity. Pair a baggy jean button-up with skinny jeans or bare legs and ankle boots. Mix harem pants with a tight crop top. Keep it gangsta while keeping it lady like.


Shoe game is another fashion staple we’ve stolen from men. Every day is not called for stilettos. We can glam a pair of Jordan’s or Timbs with cut off shorts or a tank.

Check out the lookbook below and share your go to oversized styles in the comment section!

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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