Relationship Status: Does That Make Me a Golddigger?

I’ve made it clear, to myself at least, that I do not want to be in a committed relationship until in an established, lucrative career. I am currently in transition into my purposed career and during the process of getting there I want no distractions. My next relationship will be ordained by God as a life-long commitment and its foundation has to be properly laid and set. I need to be able to bring something to the table just as much as he does. So, because of that mindset it is hard for me to imagine myself dating someone without drive and financial stability.

I’m down for recognizing his potential but I need to see that he is close to reaching it. I have to see the moves he is making to get there and that he is not all talk. And I hope he would expect the same from me.

Money is a common root for dead relationships. Financial strain can weigh on a couple, especially if one member is better at managing finances than the other. Discussions about bills and overspending turn into arguments which turn into resentment.

I ain’t saying I’m a golddigger but I’ve been broke before and I don’t see the need to be broke with more mouths to feed than my own. I can do bad all by myself. Call me crazy but I believe coming into the relationship as two whole individuals–spiritually, emotionally, and financially–makes for a better union.

Marrying for money is an entirely different scenario. Two cannot become one if there is no love there. That is a business arrangement, not an intimate relationship. If I fell in love with someone lacking in money but abundant in purpose than that would certainly outweigh all. When someone walks in purpose, prosperity will shortly follow. At the start and finish of the day, God determines who I will spend the rest of my life with.

What are your thoughts? Would you or have you date/d someone you couldn’t see growing career wise? Sound off below!

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


2 thoughts on “Relationship Status: Does That Make Me a Golddigger?

  1. Sonia says:

    No it doesn’t make you a gold digger. If anything it makes you wise and know that God is your number one source first and then everything and everyone else will follow. I can say that I have dated some that we wasn’t on the same page. But going through that situation did teach me that being in those type of relationships were very miserable. And heck nah! I would never ever go through that type of relationship or even think of dating someone like that again… I’m good.. I prefer to just wait on God and let Him pick my dude this time… It’s always better to wait then to jump into something that would almost take you a lifetime getting your life back… But God!!!

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