Mid-Week Inspiration: Necessary Reflection

We are in a consistent process of evolution. We have experiences, we learn, we grow. We stumble, we fall, we make bad choices. We can look at this journey as a part of life, which it is, or we can pause and reflect to see what God is teaching us in every situation. We should be taking constant inventory of our life. We should be seeking how each encounter shapes and molds us. We should determine what is positive intake and what we need to rid of.

I was just reflecting over the positive changes God has made in me in recent months and realized that it has been a year since God started to open me up to my purpose. I have been in development all of my life but it was September 2014 that He started to show me the preparation for destiny. I, willingly, removed things and people from my life that were hindering my growth and I gradually began hearing from Him more and more. I started to make necessary changes and that was making room for the greater that God has in store. This whole building process started to happen and I now am at a height of spiritual growth I have never before reached.

Growing with God is fun because you are able to look back and see His work in you. I think of some of the past decisions I’ve made and can’t help but smile because I wouldn’t think twice of making those mistakes today. Watching yourself mature is like watching a baby evolve from being carried to crawling to walking. God has given me the ability to stand and walk on my own. He’s taken me off of His hip and placed my feet on the ground. Now, after extensive training, I am ready to run a marathon.

He must increase [in prominence] but I must decrease. John 3:30 Amplified Bible

The New International Version translates this scripture, “He must become greater; I must become less.” We all need to experience this gutting out of ourselves, our ways, our pasts, our mistakes, our regrets and be filled with who He is. We need to be filled with His vision, His purpose, His destiny. This can only come from spending time with Him. We become one with God in His presence, in His Word, in His teaching. Don’t allow busyness or laziness to prohibit your growth because you don’t feel like reading your bible, listening to encouraging messages, or simply talking to Him. If you’re wondering why you’re not hearing from Him it is because you are neglecting these essential tools to accessing God directly.

Take a moment today to reflect. Think about where God has brought you from. Think about areas where you tend to falter and decide what needs to be done to prevent yourself from doing so again. We do not have forever to get it right. Make the changes you need now so that you can ensure a better tomorrow.


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