God’s Great Canvas

I am learning to appreciate the beauty of God’s great canvas. Everything on this universe is perfectly positioned. The clouds, leaves, stars, moon, trees and sun all have their place. The waters are endless just like God’s love which has no boundaries.

It is important to experience and appreciate all that God created because it showcases His love for us. Whenever I’m driving and see a large backdrop of mountains I am in awe. I now realize God placed them there for me; to see His power, His insight, His imagination. I would not know where to begin to think up something so wondrous, but God had it all mapped out much like He does my life.

My purpose is a well thought out masterpiece designed on the canvas of my life by the greatest artist ever known. He will make beauty out of the ashes I give to Him. He will take me, something ordinary, and make it extraordinary. Every stroke of His paintbrush is a fine detail of perfection. I just have to sit long enough for Him to place everything in position and walk into my destiny as a beautiful, unique work of art.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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