Mid-Week Inspiration: Pay Attention to Your First Instinct 

One of the things God has been speaking to me on is trusting the knowing in my Spirit. He confirmed this through a message from my pastor that He led me to revisit this week. The pastor said, “Sometimes it’s how you feel at first that you need to pay attention to.” When something’s not right, God will put a knowing in your Spirit. Do not ignore it!

We are in constant request of answers. We want to know how to respond to our current situations. But when God gives us revelation, we then want another sign to confirm the Word He has already given us. It is imperative that we don’t make hasty decisions, but when we feel God leading us in the Spirit then we should take heed and listen.

Sometimes we don’t have a day or two to think something through. I strive to seek God in everything from career choices to changing lanes on the 101 highway. I want to ensure that every move I make is directed by Him to guarantee the best outcome and to operate in obedience. If God is telling me to take the back roads home from work, I don’t have time to sleep on it to make sure it’s God. I have to trust that knowing that only comes from Him.

They say (whoever they are) to go with your first instinct. I must say that often times this is true. In a dangerous situation, I find that my first instinct typically provides a safer route. If I hesitate to do something then it may not be the greatest idea. That’s not to say that sometimes that hesitation doesn’t come from fear. God may be calling you to do something outside of the norm that you just don’t want to do; that is where discernment comes in. You do not want to pass up a God-ordained opportunity because your first instinct is to be afraid.

Discernment comes from knowing God. Building a relationship with God requires commitment. You must be willing to sacrifice what your flesh wants to do in exchange for what the Holy Spirit tells you to do. You must spend time studying His  Word and in worship learning how He operates. This is when you will begin to hear from God more clearly and know when He is talking to you rather than your carnal mind.

I encourage you to put in the effort to get to know Him. Once you do, you will learn that spending time in His presence is much more refreshing than being without Him. You will start to recognize His mannerisms and be able to trust your first instinct. Choosing Him is life. Anything else is death.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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