Fall Fashion Fix: Trends for the Fall Season


Although we are now experiencing the dog days of Summer, the kids are returning to school which only means one thing, Fall is quickly approaching. As much as I enjoy summer fashion, I am so looking forward to tossing aside the tanks (and 100+ degree weather requiring constant costume changes) for warmer apparel.

Because we are in that weather transitional period, we can still utilize some of our go-to’s from summer and dress them up with fall pieces for a perfect collabo. My favorite pairing is a cute minidress with an oversized jacket. A solid dress with an army green jacket or large sweater is great for a boulevard stroll. I actually wore something similar on my bday in May which proves that many spring and fall ensembles are interchangeable.

Fall Fashion

An autumn staple is the scarf. From infinity to pashmina, scarves have the ability to flip a basic outfit to epic. What’s dope about this simple accessory is that both men and women can rock it well. Pair with a fitted leather jacket (faux if you’re not bout that animal skin life) and boyfriend jeans for a look that exemplifies rugged sophistication.

We cannot forget about the shoe game. Nothing says Fall better than a stylish pair of boots. While many sport this classic footwear year round, if I’m going to be outdoors I stick to my boot collection in the cooler months. Booties are a fave when keeping it casual but I’ll spice it up with an over-the-knee if I’m feeling sassy.

What are you looking forward to most about the fall season? Warm, cozy snuggling or pumpkin spice everything??? Comment below and check out the photo gallery of your fave celebs in the best fashion trends!


-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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