Mid-Week Inspiration: The Music Influence


The power of music is amazing. It brings together all cultures, all faiths, all people. Music has the ability to turn a bad situation into an easier load with lyrics that inspire and melodies that make you feel good. But there is also music that can take our thinking along a route that leads to a dead end.

There is a constant debate of whether music really has the power to get within you. The answer is yes. I am not saying this because I am qualified. You and I know that it is true. When you want a killer workout, what do you do? You pop in your headphones and blast uptempo beats with lyrics that are going to get you angry enough to murder the stairmaster or provide the confidence to bust out two hours in the gym. I like to pop in some Beyoncé and envision myself as sexy as she describes herself to be by the end of my workout.

Back in my clubbing days I would crank some Ri-Ri or trap music to get me in party mode. I couldn’t listen to my usual Gospel Top 40 if I was going to be throwing back shots; it just didn’t feel right. In contrast, if I needed God to show up in my life, that trap got tossed to the side for Kirk Franklin and Marvin Sapp. But what happens when we’re not basing our playlist on the void we are trying to fill? What happens when we are unaware of what we are playing and it gets into our subconscious mind and affects who we are?

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23

We think that because we have “a good heart,” everything is good. Our heart does not guard itself. We control how it acts by what we place into it. That is why the power of worship is so strong. In praise and worship we are able to commune with God and hear His voice. We have an intimate encounter with Him when we sing His praises and worship Him for who He is. He is in the midst of this interaction and speaks to us as we cry out.

The enemy is also very real. He is in the midst of our slander, our negative talk, and the corrupt ideas we allow to enter our spirits by exposing ourselves to anything opposing what our Father stands for. It is up to us to take authority over our mind, spirit, and heart by being mindful of what we listen to.

I am not saying to delete all of your secular music. I actually went through a stage where I did this and was mad a year or so later when I was crazing some Alicia Keys and Musiq Soulchild. But there is a mind-training process that is required in our spiritual growth. Certain things our spirit just cannot tolerate if we are seeking a new maturity in our faith.

I challenge you to dedicate one day solely to devotional, positive, uplifting hearing. Dig into your playlist for music that encourages you to be a better you and let your mind meditate on those facts. It will become easier as you train your soul to enjoy music with lyrical patterns that improve your thought health. You will also notice things starting to go well in your life when you have the right mindset as a result of your music selection.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Inspiration: The Music Influence

  1. Coolio says:

    I agree with the power that music has. I used to run my own record label. I understand 1st hand on what music can do to a person. I like the idea of setting aside 1 day a week to listen to positive uplifting music. With this being said, you know what would be a great idea? You should create a YouTube playlist of devotional, positive and uplifting songs for us, your dedicated readers :). I would definitely check it out and I’m sure so would others.

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