Instagram Beauty: René Daniella

René Daniella

After years of obsessing over this natural beauty it was time to show some Disclosed love to the always stunning René Daniella. Better known by her Instagram tag @ownbyfemme, this gorgeous social network phenom has invited us into her beautiful world through pictures of healthy foods, travel, and of course big, curly hair. Putting her unique style on everything gives IG scrollers a new perspective on nature and all that surrounds us.

René is of both American and English decent and has an extensive catalog of travel. At the young age of 26 she has lived in nine different cities across four countries. She recently relocated from New York to London. Talk about living! Her trendy website features lifestyle and health tips, recipes, and travel guides.

I was first drawn to René’s page because of those golden red curls. Her locks are precisely flawless and her smile matches. But it is the inspiration to live every day on purpose and embrace each moment that makes you double tap her pics. When she started her fitness movement, I was inspired to start my own.

Be sure to follow René Daniella on all social networks and peep her site as well!

IG: @ownbyfemme FB: @OwnByFemme Twitter: @OwnByFemme Site:

Pics courtesy of @ownbyfemme Instagram

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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