The Next Female Queen of Hip Hop??? UK Rapper Lady Leshurr


Lady Leshurr

I lost my interest in metaphorical gimmick rappers like Nicki Minaj with the over hype of rappers like Nicki Minaj [insert shade tree]. But I’m all for black females breaking down new barriers and sharing the wealth. I was on and they shared a video from Birmingham, UK lyricist Lady Leshurr. She has become popular in the underground circuit and her latest YouTube video series has put her on the scene here in the U.S.

While her British accent makes her music kinda comical and some of her lyrics miss me, so do many of the lyricists overplayed on airwaves. And to top that, she sings some of her hooks, and actually, can sing. You see her dancing skills in a few of her older videos as well.

If you check out Lady Leshurr’s songs from years past to now you can see the progression in her rhyming skills. She has her cheesy moments in some tracks but the soon to be queen of UK rips on her record, Shurraq. I really believe she has what it takes to be the next hot thing in hip hop. She released Episode 4 of her Queen’s Speech series Saturday and dropped some catchy lines.

A couple of snaky friends just Adam and Eve’d us/And there’s no debate on who’s better/I’ll turn a man to a girl like Bruce Jenner

I got a dark-skinned friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal/And I got a light-skinned friend that looks like Rachel Dolezal/Which one’s which/Not sure

I’ll Queen Latifah and set it off/Then I’ll bounce like a belly flop/Got one eye on ya man, Fetty Wap yeahhhh baby/I’m getting’ guap

Check out some of Lady Leshurr’s videos below and let us know if you’re here for it. Visit her social networks and look out for her Queen of the Scene EP coming soon.

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-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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