Mid-Week Inspiration: Where Does Your Value Lie

happy-womanPutting on a smile each morning is not always easy. There is much to grumble about. An unsatisfying job, a sick loved one, an aching back or bills that you cannot afford will make anyone want to scream rather than even attempt to have a good day. Finding a reason to rejoice in spite of turmoil will only happen when you pay attention to what you value.

Value is defined as relative worth, merit, or importance (dictionary.reference.com). We can all agree that money, food, housing, family and love are important factors in every person’s life. But let’s not forget about the small nuggets of happiness such as a funny episode of our favorite sitcom, stumbling upon a beautiful flower, the outburst of laughter of a young child. When we take joy in what we consider the small things of life, it is a little easier to smile.

We can very well become mad at God for not unfolding things our way. Or we can realize that His way is a million times better. His way involves prospering us, not harming us, to give us hope and a future (Philippians 29:11). We may not see it all in the grand scheme of things but if we do what is required of us and don’t trip, we give the Father liberty to act on our behalf.

God just wants us to acknowledge Him as God. He is a provider, counselor, healer, friend; everything that we need. He cannot fulfill these titles in us if we fill His space with fear, doubt, or disbelief. The majority of the great men and women of the bible were tested in their faith. Abraham (Abram at the time) was told to leave his home and go to the land God would send him without any clue of what that land would be. Ruth rejected the option of going back to her homeland to accompany her mother-in-law in a strange place with no resources. Job was stripped of everything he loved including his health. Our faith leads us to our purpose which leads to our destiny.

What do you value? Is it the amount of commas in your bank account? The office gossip? Or do you place worth on hugging someone who may not have received one all week; or giving a compliment to a co-worker who is possibly lacking confidence? Find a way to make someone else smile and it will have the same effect on you.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


3 thoughts on “Mid-Week Inspiration: Where Does Your Value Lie

  1. Coolio says:

    I just wanted to comment…. You are always right on time with these. I think God is speaking to me through you.

    Thank you!

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