Hello Grind,

Here we are again, faced with another challenge. Only this time I’m back to conquer the intimidation and fear of starting all over again. I know we’ve been through this before but what may seem like just another challenge to overcome doesn’t negate the overwhelming bouts of various emotions I’m experiencing. Truth is I’m scared, no terrified. But then I’m forced to reminisce on past embarrassing and uncomfortable lows which quickly reminds me of my resilience and strength. I’ve been designed and equipped for this God-given opportunity. Even though this major change is extremely beneficial for me, it’s still difficult.  Anxiety kicks in and I begin to worry and question my decision. How can I make this an easy and stress-free transition? I realize there is no right or wrong way in the pursuit of happiness.

I’m guilty of talking myself out of a situation. I think of all the negatives; never mind the positives which usually offset the negative. Somehow, I still manage to focus on what could go wrong and even have a back-up to the back-up plan rather than acknowledge the good in the situation. I know that takes talent (LOL).  I’m learning to give myself more credit while trying to eliminate the need for paralyzing information.

I’ve come to the conclusion that life is a series of mistakes, guesses, and revisions. In a new pursuit of happiness there are doors of endless opportunities. Pursue your goals and tackle change with a burning passion. It will open up unimaginable options.

Hello Grind, I accept your challenge.


The Fearless One

-Madelyn Monroe

IG: Fearless_Femme

This was more so for me, but if I can motivate or inspire others in the process, I’m all for it.  Enjoy the process and move forward!


One thought on “HELLO GRIND

  1. Sonia says:

    OMG! This subject hits home so much. As I was reading it I was wondering did someone tell you what I’m going through right at this very moment. I feel just like you… I’m scared and I’m terrified… But what’s making me feel that way is every time I’ve made up my mind to do this transition then the devil shows me what will happen if I do it… Transition is hard and they are extra hard when you don’t have someone to say its going to be okay, but every one saying don’t do it. You might whine up homeless.. But I keep saying to myself if I don’t do it then I want know what God has in store on the other side… Lord have mercy!!! Lol!!! Please pray for me… Thanks for posting this.. It’s always good to know that I’m not struggling with this transition by myself… I pray that everything works out great for you… God bless…

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