NEW VIDEO: Janet Jackson ft. J. Cole ‘No Sleeep’

Janet Jackson

Ahhh Janet is baaaacckkkk!!! She has officially released the visual for her comeback record, “No Sleeep” and it is featuring Fayetteville, NC’s finest, J.Cole. The video is so classic Janet, steamy windows and a head full of wavy curls as Janet experiences a sweet nostalgia. Throughout the backdrop are pictures of Janet as a child including the cutest pic of her and daddy Joe Jackson.

In her sweet Ms. Jackson voice she says, “Cole world, yeah.” Then Jermaine appears on the couch and starts rapping:

I go my way you go your’s/You taste real life/I taste tours/Sweet at first but after awhile/Too much sugar they say is bad for your smile/And I wear a frown now/Time is real/I miss a warm house and home cooked meals/And you miss junk food/That’s why we work/You bring cooked food and I bring dessert/And meet up at the place that we always do/The one swimming through my mind that was always you…

I am so excited about this record. It takes me to “That’s the Way Love Goes” or “Anytime, Any Place.” I definitely have to be in the building when she goes on tour.

Janet Jackson


Check out the video below. Are you ready for the return of Janet? Leave your comments on the video!

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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