For the past two episodes of Braxton Family Values, Bishop T.D. Jakes has been counseling the Braxtons on their family issues. Since the reality show first aired in 2011 on WE tv, the five sisters have had many fallouts and it seems their relationship has only worsened and become more distant. Well, Mama E (Evelyn Braxton) had enough and scheduled an emergency meeting between she, her girls, their father and the Bishop. By the end of their counseling session, Jakes had a fit and kept it real with them.

I deal with people who have real problems. People who are losing their limbs, who need a kidney transplant and those families go through that with more dignity…do you know how unthankful you are; how ungrateful you are? To see you in these fancy shoes and these nice clothes and act like this. How can we teach our children to respect black women if black women don’t respect black women?

Drops mic. Throws hands up. While these words so deeply apply to the Braxton sisters [and many reality shows that showcase women fighting] and their constant bickering, I think it hits us at home watching right in the gut as well. We argue, murmur and complain about everything in this society. We’re mad at this, we’re mad at that. How about being thankful just for being able to walk outside and not be greeted by militia or terrorists? How about being grateful to have clean clothes to wear or clean water to drink? These “basic” blessings we overlook because it’s too hot outside or Mama said something to hurt our feelings or Cousin Sheila looked at us the wrong way. It is utterly ridiculous!

I believe there are many of you reading this who come from a broken home. You do not understand why a parent deserted you. You may have had a fallout with a sibling and haven’t spoken in months or years. Maybe you have even lost a family member without having the opportunity to mend a torn relationship. It is vital that you repair your heart TODAY. Do not wait another second by saying, “Well over the holidays we’ll get it right,” or “I just need more time to get over this.” You may not have more time. Do not take the people who mean so much to you for granted. If they weren’t important to you they would not be able to affect you the way that they do. Choose to love them in spite of their mess. You do not have to spend every day with them. You may need distance to keep your relationship strong. That way when you come together it can be all love.

Call that person today and just tell them that you love them. You may not be ready to hash it all out, have a long drawn out conversation, offer forgiveness or ask for forgiveness. Just let them know that you are there and that your love remains. If they are no longer here, ask God for forgiveness and ask him to grant you peace. I believe that if you earnestly say that prayer your spirit will be at rest with the situation. Grant others the agape that allows God to forgive and accept you daily within the many mistakes that you make.

20 If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot[a] love God whom he has not seen.1 John 4:20(ESV)

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative



  1. Coolio says:

    I’m not big on reality shows… But something drove me to read this… on more than one occasion. I started it yesterday but didnt finish…. As I read the whole blog… there was a big message in here for me. My father was taken away from me before his time. We never got to mend our relationship. I was the one who held grudges against him for some of his decisions… Not being there for me… etc.. Currently, I have a sister with whom I haven’t spoken to in years because of a disagreement. I tried to break the ice with her. I tried to mend the wounds… She just never came around on it. For me… I had to just forgive her in my heart and hope she does the same for me one day. That was the only way to find peace from it. It can be hard when both parties can’t come to a middle ground.

    • disclosednative says:

      @Coolio Thank you for sharing! I couldn’t agree more that it’s hard to find that middle ground, especially when both parties think that they are right and the other is wrong. Sometimes you just have to wholeheartedly forgive within yourself and pray that the other person comes around. -Renée

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