Ok ok ok Ciara, we get it, 2015 is your year and you’re taking no prisoners. This heffa has been having a phenomenal few months: a hot new beau who is committed to loving her and not just her amazing body, a new album and tackling (like the corny football reference?) a bomb Janet tribute at the BET Awards. The 29-year-old singer must be on cloud 9 right now. And then she goes and drops the visual to “Dance Like We’re Making Love” today and can I say fire???

This is a side of Ciara we’ve never seen. She has no doubtedly claimed the spot for best current female dancer in the game. Now she is showing just how talented she is doing more than the gyrating moves that she’s famous for. Mixing tango with ticking and a water aerial shot that shuts it down.

This video proves that there is so much more dancers can explore in pop music. My nickname may be Nae Nae but there’s only but so much of it and the whip that one can take. I really think that Ci-Ci has the ability to be the Janet of our time with the right publicist on her side. Her new relationship is definitely helping with “good press.”

Ciara actually accompanied her new boyfriend Russell Wilson to the Kid’s Choice Sports Awards in which he hosted tonight. They even had the cutest dance breakdown on stage into, of course the Nae Nae and the whip. Hey Russell’s not a dancer she didn’t want to show him up too much.

The fresh couple also attended the ESPY’s last night and looked like a modern-day prom king and queen. I love these two. I’ve always said that Ciara should do a full project with Chris Brown and just tear the stage up every record, but I don’t know if that’s a good look at this point. What do you all think, would you like to see these two dancing machines face off in concert?

Check out the crazy fly video to “Dance Like We’re Making Love” below!!!

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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