Fitness Goals: Sun’s Out, Guns Out

Savannah James

I have sooooo been slacking on my fitness pimpin the last week or so. Who am I kidding, it’s been at least a month since I’ve really taken exercise and healthy eating seriously. I be tryin’ and then I be slippin’ (yeah I had to get ratchet for a sec). So this post is more of motivation for me to get back on it and stick with it.

I think the biggest part for me is finding the time to cook the way I need to in order to avoid quick, easy fixes; I’m a sucka for a good ol’ bowl of cereal or snack bar–both packed with sugar, even the “healthy” stuff. I even ran short on time the other day and…and…went to Jack in the Box. I hate the after effect of fast food but it’s fast and easy and every now and then I get a craving. Meal prepping is key but I find that I get tired of eating the same things and yearn for something sweet and easy to satisfy my taste buds.

Despite my recent poor attempts, I am determined to hop back on track because my body feels so much better when I am on an organized fitness plan. After I wake up and spend time with the Lord, I have started stretching and doing varying yoga poses that relax my body and stretch those muscles that I overuse throughout the day. This calms my mind and readies me to tackle all that comes my way. In the evening I would like to implement more strength training followed by cardio, or in the morning if I can only wake up earlier enough to squeeze it into my heavy agenda (she’s booked HA! Not quite).

I will start my day with warm, lemon or ginger water. It’s always done the trick for me of releasing whatever my body inhaled the day before (that’s a nice way of saying making you go boo boo). This should be during my studying time. For the rest of my awake period I will have some sort of protein, a pre-lunch snack, a nice and hearty lunch, another pre-dinner snack and a medium-sized, yet fulfilling dinner. If I follow this regimen I am guaranteed to be winter-time fine (hey at least I’m in Cali, it’s always bikini season) and more importantly maintain heart-health.

I posted the above pic of Savannah James, first of all because I just love her style. She is super rich, I mean how many endorsement ads do you pass of her hubby LeBron James (arguably the best player in the NBA) in a week? Yet her style is very simplistic and down-to-earth. She is not weaved down to her ankles, she typically rocks her natural tresses, her face is never caked with make-up, and instead of bringing the Emmy’s to the arena, she actually sports outfits that look comfortable to wear to a basketball game. She is a curvy woman who did not follow the celebrity trend of snatching back to her high school weight after having children. Not to mention that her husband is ripped to perfection and she is still beautiful, voluptuous Savannah.

I believe that we all have to find our comfort zone in the fitness department and then elevate that as we progress. It takes time but we can achieve great health if we are as adamant about it as we are are other things, which typically are not nearly as important. Balance and moderation is everything because if I can’t have an occasional chocolate chip cookie, I will never stick to a fitness goal. But when I go to eating the entire cookie dough batter before it hits the oven, there are concerns I must address (yes I’m guilty). So please hold me accountable and I will do the same for you. The only way to get fit is to do this together.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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