My Wow Experience

I can’t think of a better way to put it but my wow experience. I have been on a spiritual journey my entire life. I often stop and thank God simply for choosing me. To have a relationship with Him is the greatest gift on earth and sometimes I wonder why He chose me when there’s so many people on earth who will never know His love. I always knew that this was a privilege and a blessing and therefore I was anointed. But in experiencing the results of obedience like never before, I am now comprehending what it means to have a true companionship with God.

God placed it on my Spirit years ago to be baptized for the second time. The first time I was 12 and did not fully understand the meaning of baptism. I was just tired of being the only one on the children’s choir who was not. So when God told me that now, having a better understanding, the process needed to be redone, I was like why? My ego said, “I don’t want people to think I’m just starting my walk with God, I’ve been in this thing.” When my current pastor mentioned they were having baptisms, I was interested but put it off waiting on a “clear” confirmation from God. How often do we ask God to slap us in the face with confirmation when we know in our heart what He’s telling us to do?

A couple Sundays passed and the pastor made the announcement again and this time he said, “You may have been baptized at a young age but didn’t really understand what you were doing.” Well there you go God, thank you for the slap in the face. It took me a few days but finally I submitted my information to be baptized. But the enemy was not finished.

He sent so many distractions like the staff not receiving my testimony email and having to come up with a new one the night before. Of course my carnal mind thought maybe this is a sign I shouldn’t do it. But my heart knew better. God showed me this was an opportunity to share a more genuine testimony than the original blurb I submitted.

So last night, July 8th (8-the number of new beginnings) I was baptized alongside roughly 70 other people. My worship experience was like none other. I went to a meeting later that night and prayed with a couple who felt the same spirit, we both described it as if we were floating. I just can’t describe the supernatural high I am on right now. I literally experienced a dying of my old self. I rose out of the water a new me.

I don’t know what God may be leading you to do right now but I beg you to do it. The results of your obedience are far greater than the fears you have of possible consequences. You do not know what you may be passing up by listening to your silly flesh. Step out on faith and watch God move mountains. He will take hold of your mind, your spirit, and prepare you for greatness.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


One thought on “My Wow Experience

  1. Sonia G says:

    Amazing “WOW Experiences” Reading your testimony about receiving Christ again as an adult is such an awesome experience. I do understand about the distraction and how the enemy tried to through things in your path to deter you from what God is calling you to do.
    I went through a distraction all the way until I got to the services. Not sure what the devil is trying to distract me from, but I do know when dealing with distraction that God is trying to send or give me something. So in my experience, I just remember instead of me trying to figure it out. Just start praising God… I didn’t realize that everyone come out feeling overwhelm; like a load is off of them; or a pulling that is releasing them to let everything go. Amazing! Experience last night and I still feel today like I’m coming up out of the water again… Thanks again… God bless…

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