Mid-Week Inspiration: Learning to Say No


“No is a powerful word. I risked being fired to stand up for what I believe in. Being able to say no will help you become confident in setting personal standards as well as being comfortable setting boundaries. Both of which are critical in your journey toward success.” -Steve Harvey, Think Like A Success Act Like a Success

Man oh man if this isn’t on point today right now in this moment?! I was contemplating something that just wasn’t agreeing with my spirit and it was weighing on me. But thanks be to God He gave me the bravery to stand up for what I was being led to do. Then, I was embarrassed, nervous, worried about what people would think of me. I heard a powerful word, shared it with someone else and was instantly assured that I made the right move. Ain’t that just like God???

The power of saying no goes beyond just not wanting to overbook yourself, it is an exclamation of what you will not do. We sometimes feel obligated to do something to help someone else or to advance our career. But if your spirit is telling you not to do something, please listen. The small sacrifice will far outweigh the outcome of participating in that which is not right for you.

I have been presented with different opportunities in my career and I had a conversation with my mother about, “What if I was asked to do something that I didn’t agree with?” That situation occurred and I actually considered saying yes. But fortunately God gives us a conscience that will not allow us to sleep until we do the right thing.

What would have happened if I said yes? It may have led to more doors opening, set me up for a great career. But spiritually my growth would be stunted. Ultimately my future is based on my purpose, not the zeroes in my bank account. As Mary Mary sings, “My conviction is much stronger than my need to please.”

I want to encourage you today to listen to that still voice telling you to say no. It may seem that you are missing out on an amazing opportunity but I guarantee you if God is telling you no, He has something much bigger waiting for you. He just wants to know that you will be obedient. Trust Him.

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Inspiration: Learning to Say No

  1. disclosednative says:

    @Nomoreshackle Thank you so much for sharing your testimony. I think we all have dealt with the inability to say no or to say yes. We have to learn that obedience is much more important the approval or others. Please continue to check out Disclosednative.com daily. God bless!


  2. Nomoreshackle says:

    Saying No was very hard for me at one time in my life, when it came to family and friends. It sometimes would put me in situation that made me feel guilty or made me hide from even answering the question at hand. After reading your inspiring word of wisdom. I realize that it’s not about saying no, but it’s about being able to feel good about your answer and letting others know where you stand.
    Even listening for Gods voice, there have been times where I allowed the word “No” take place even when I didn’t know I was actually saying “No” to him. When I would run and hide or do my on thing and thinking I’m still doing what He wants.
    There was this time where I allowed my fears to take over from getting surgery and it seem to prolong my opportunities that He has for me. I kept putting it off and thinking that I don’t need this surgery. God is going to heal me. All the while, God was waiting on me to step aside and let Him have full control.
    Well I went through this situation a year and every day was a struggle. Then after my sibling pasted away from somewhat the same surgery. Then my fear totally took over and I was still standing on the word and believing that God will heal me and believing I don’t need this lung biopsy.
    After seeing that everything I had a desire to do was very difficult for me and that something has to give. So I cried and prayed and in the background of my mind. I could hear my family and my doctors asking me to go ahead and
    get the test done, so they can find out what’s wrong.
    Well on June 15; still afraid, I prayed and I stood on God’s word where He said, He would never leave me and for me to just trust Him. I went in and had it done and I stayed in there two weeks and He kept His promise. He even made sure that I was comfortable and that all the things that I was scared of was just something the devil was trying to keep me trapped in and that was Fear. So I said all this to say, that you are differently right about the word “No”on how it can stop your progress ( paraphrase) and about ” Trusting God.” Because He has your best interest at heart and He will never lead you wrong.. Because He know the plans that He has for us and they are to prosper Us and not harm Us and to give Us hope and a future…. #nomoreshackle…. God bless… Keep them coming…

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