Home Decor Essentials: The Home Office Space


In the year 2015 it seems that we are busier than ever. We work long hours, exercise 3-7 days a week, shop around for good deals, meal prep, and participate in numerous extracurricular activities. So needless to say we all like to make the best use of our time. But thanks to the popularity of HGTV and DIY, we are learning that some of our most productive hours can be spent in the comfort of our homes. Whether you are a student or entrepreneur, one to bring your assignments home from work, or simply want to organize your life, creating a home office is the most creative method toward time efficiency.

You may live in an apartment, a house, or share a common space but we have put together some tasteful ideas to brighten your home office. All you need are the basic essentials, a color scheme, and some fun knick knacks to organize the necessities.

I’ve shared that I am a big thrifter. So in my pursuit of a new desk I headed straight to my local thrift store. I found the perfect fit for my small apartment, took that baby home and painted it a blue to match my decor. I decorated it with my laptop, printer and two basket weave bins below to store my books and notepads. Then, I separated pens, Post-it notes, and other office supplies in smaller bins on top of my desk. Simple but effective!

Below are both unique and simplistic ways to create the perfect home office. I love the idea of utilizing the closet if living in a small space. How have you spruced up your home work area? We want to hear your ideas!!!

-Renée Nicole Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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