Fashion Fix: Stay Cool in Summer Kimonos and Cardigans

Erykah Badu

There are some fashion trends that trickle down from genre to genre before finding its home. Remember when skinny jeans were strictly a skater boy, hipster fave? Now some of the hottest men in hip-hop have tossed their baggy jeans for pants more fitting. Well the same goes for female attire.

Kimonos and long, floor-length cardigans were always a flower power, seventies-inspired hippy go to, but now women of all backgrounds are sporting this comfy look, and can you blame us? Not only are they a loose fit giving us room to cover our problem areas, but kimonos and cardigans are super stylish and can make the most boring outfit appear glamourous.

While looking fierce is always a priority, I aim to ball on a budget. I do a lot of my shopping at consignment and thrift shops. I am able to find top brands for ten times less than department stores and stay true to a trendy, vintage “chicness.” I recently visited a local mom & pop shop and snagged a long, sleeveless, peach and cream cardigan that will keep me cool and fashionable this summer.

Check out these kimonos and long cardigans from affordable retailers. Are they a part of your summer ensemble?


-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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