Mid-Week Inspiration: Worth Fighting For Campaign


In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to recognize a man who has started an initiative to let his children know how important they are and that their lives are worth fighting for. Brian Courtney Wilson, gospel singer and the man behind the powerful song “Worth Fighting For” has started the #WeAreWorthFightingFor campaign showing the value in our children.

Wilson penned a letter to his son Joshua to kick off this initiative:

I am writing this letter because I love you dearly, and you are so valuable and special to me. There has been a lot of news lately about young black males being gunned down or killed by people in authority or people who were afraid of them because of the color of their skin. It seems as if justice for these killings is slow in coming, if at all. The explanations for these murders defy logic….Given this climate, I am writing to affirm your worth not only to me but to the entire world. I well up even now as I consider your life and all you can be and accomplish…You are destined to be a champion and a leader, and I want you to shut out all of the images that have been crafted for profit and power that contradict what I am telling you… Yes there will be pain, but it will not defeat you. You will keep pushing past it and it will make you stronger.

Wilson wants to keep the movement going. He encourages parents to share a letter or video on social media using the hashtag #WeAreWorthFightingFor.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Write a letter to your child (or young person in your life). Describe the value that they have and affirm the many talents and gifts God has bestowed upon them.
  • Take a picture reading the letter to your child, your child reading the letter, or holding the letter, etc.
  • Record a video stating the following below (10-15 secs):
    -My name is (Insert Name) and this is my child (insert name). Today I let him/her know that regardless of what the media shows, he/she destined for greatness.
  • Post the video on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtag #WeAreWorthFightingFor on June 21, 2015.

What an awesome way to let our kids know that they are valuable regardless of how the media portrays them. Get involved and show your kids some love in this remarkable way. Listen to Brian Courtney Wilson’s powerful song, “Worth Fighting For” below.

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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