5 Ways to Change Negative Thinking


Sadness is a huge epidemic that cannot always be avoided. We deal with tough issues that will inevitably lead to moments of unhappiness. But I learned a secret that kept me from staying in those moments for too long; to change the way I think.

Negative thinking stems from occurrences in our life. But consistency in those thoughts ultimately comes from a lack of mind control. There are simple methods we can follow to guide our minds in the right direction. We have to have higher thoughts of ourselves. We have to believe that we can be happy, that we can find joy even in the most difficult situations.

Here are some ways to channel positive vibes and end stinking thinking:

  1. Dance! Upbeat, positive music is a great way to forget about your problems and have a fun, goofy time.
  2. Exercise- the perfect stress reliever. Increasing your heart rate alleviates the built up stress and negative energy inside of you. It’s like relieving your frustration on a punching bag.
  3. Positive teaching. Learning the high thoughts that God has of you makes you feel foolish to think any differently. If He wants you to prosper and be well then that’s exactly what you will do.
  4. Release negative people and situations from your life. If you are in a relationship with a person that thinks lowly of you, get out. If you are in an environment full of negative vibes, get out.
  5. Make your mind up to change your mindset. You will start to catch yourself when your thoughts drift down the wrong path. Choose to hop back on the right one and be at peace.


-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


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