Mid-Week Inspiration: Power Over Insecurities


We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

We hear so many negative reports against us that we start to believe that they are true. We get turned down for the job so we think that we are unqualified, not talented or smart or enough. We are told that our ideas are insufficient so we doubt our God-given abilities. Our closest friends and family call us selfish, spoiled, cold-hearted so we think that is fact. People say we are ugly and we lose hold of the beauty inside of us.

I found old wounds of insecurity re-opening this past week in my visit home; shallow insecurities that I thought were long gone. When you see people you haven’t seen in a long time, they pick at the things that have changed about you. “Girl, you’ve gained weight” or “Ooo you’re too skinny.” They point out the flaws in your hair, your skin, your complexion, your clothes, the color nail polish you choose. But I thank God for the development of mind control He has provided me over the years, specifically within this last year. He brings it to my attention when the enemy is placing attacks on my mind to lower my confidence. I quickly decided that every person that has a negative thought against me has a million things wrong with them. I choose to have an “I don’t care” attitude about the concerns others have that do not affect my mental, spiritual or physical health.

Then fast forward to my return to my new home and I found new insecurities trying to seep in on my God-given gifts. But once again I thank God for opening my eyes to these attacks and also using them to show me changes that need to be made in my life. The zeal that I had for the Word of God was starting to dwindle again and I needed to wake up with that same hunger and thirst for God that brought me life-changing revelations.

This morning I listened to a message from my Pastor on YouTube and he was teaching on Power. He said that some of us are in the wilderness to get power—power to obey, to withstand principalities and powers or negative energy and spirits that are anti-us. When we are on the right track that is when we should expect the greatest conflicts. When we tap into the power that God gives us, that is when we should anticipate the enemy to stir up his best tactics to distract us in attempt to lead to our defeat. But when we recognize this, we have all of the armor that we need to defend ourselves against the devil and come out victorious. “God really wants to change your life and He wants you to go from thinking that you’re weak to walking in the power that you [already] have.”

When persecution comes we have the right to be perplexed. That is typically our first reaction. But acknowledge where the persecution comes from, laugh it off, and strive harder. The enemy will become so frustrated with you that eventually he will have to back off. He has no option because like Job you refuse to deny the name of God and the power that He has placed within you. Guard the thoughts and the words you say regarding yourself. Make sure they are not of defeat but of victory. Do not call yourself stupid or dumb or foolish. Trust that God’s divinity lives in you and nothing can conquer that.

-Renée Gibson Twitter: disclosednative IG: ms_disclosednative


2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Inspiration: Power Over Insecurities

  1. disclosednative says:

    @Coolio Please don’t ever not comment, we look forward to hearing from our valued readers:-) And it’s refreshing to know that we are not in battles alone. We all have similar issues and when we learn how to deal with them it’s our duty and privilege to share with others. Thanks again for reading and for the continued encouragement!

  2. Coolio says:

    It’s funny, I planned on reading the mid-week inspiration this week but not commenting. But this message resonated with me to levels you won’t believe. I had the biggest test at work on Thursday. A test that left me doubting myself. A test that made me feel like I needed to start from square one. I haven’t been thinking clearly for the past few days… That is until I opened up my bible app and started a new plan. I believe people and things are brought in to others lives for a reason…. I think this is a part of my Wednesday’s purpose.

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